kingdom (heeeeearts) wrote in kingdomdressing,

[ So what say you, DR? Had enough happy holidays? No? How about something to make you really happy? This particular observance isn't for the kids, so anyone under the age of seventeen won't notice anything strange... Unless they're paying close attention to everyone else. Any bit of physical contact, the slightest touch of skin against skin... well, you'll see fireworks. A touch of the hand, highfives, handshakes, and kisses, it's all enough to trigger a very sudden (and likely very startling) orgasm. From morning to midnight, you might start to be grateful for the need to pile on those winter clothes. ]

{ ooc: It's Global Orgasm Day! Mirror here!

For the remainder of December and January we will be posting all events both here and at our Dreamwidth community, [community profile] kingdomdressing. You can post on either site and are not obligated to join either one. However, if the poll wins out and LJ does not fix any of the changes they've added that make it more convenient, we will most likely be moving. If that does happen, the LJ comm will still be open for anyone who wants to stay here. ♥ Remember: DW is still allowing you to make journals without codes at this time! }
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