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In light of the latest changes to LiveJournal's formatting, including increased lag, comment threads that collapse but still display the ENTIRE number of comments despite how long they are (1000 thread still display in entirety), we're considering moving to So far, the pros to this move seem to outweigh the cons, but we've decided to have a poll for everyone to get a say in. Please vote and comment to this entry with anything you might want to say.

This poll is closed.

Should we move KingdomDressing to


EDIT: If codes are swaying your opinion, DW is currently allowing you to make journals without codes. (They probably saw this coming.) Several of us are also willing to share codes we might have saved up once the free-journal-making thing is over.

EDIT #2: Layout changed temporarily to deal with the comment issue. EDIT THE THIRD: Read this comment. S2 layouts are NOT a fix - posts with long threads cannot be seen fully.

RETURN OF EDIT: The poll is a meant to be a decision what to do if the changes are long-term and/or don't get fixed. I'm okay with waiting it out a couple days to see what LJ does first, but I want to know what everyone wants to do if LJ stays this way.

POLL IS CLOSED UNTIL JANUARY 1ST - The mods have discussed it due to some votes being on the fence, and suspicious activity, including being tipped off to double voting. This is not acceptable. At the start of the month we will put up a new poll, giving people time to think about their answers and adequate time for LJ to fix anything, if they choose to.
Tags: !modpost, !ooc
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