Kurt Zisa (agrabah_weapon) wrote in kingdomdressing,
Kurt Zisa

[So here's Kurt, taking a stroll through town. Heading on into the darker districts, for a change; just wanting to get away from the light for once.

Wanting some space to think. To be himself, so to speak. As he comes to a spacious plaza, he looks around, and stops. Well, seems like a good enough spot as anything to try something he's been considering for a week or two, anyway.

Slowly, he starts pulling darkness around him, shifting into his more natural shape, but - stops. Back to human, back to part-way again - and with each attempted change, the result looks more defined, more settled as a separate form. Heartless, but humanoid. Could be useful, he thinks...]

[Meanwhile, across town, in a square on the sea front...

After two years living in a desert city, being around cold weather's pretty weird for Layla. But she's making the best of it - especially with what she's just discovered.

A skating rink!

Was this here yesterday? Will it be there tomorrow? Who knows! And frankly, right now, she doesn't care. While she's out of practice, she's dashing across the ice, finding her feet on the slippy stuff.

Damn, this is fun.]

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Tags: heartless, oc
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