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27th-Nov-2011 10:40 am - 12 Weeks
[Usually the Christmas cheer keeps Namine in a very good mood, but there's something on her mind that's keeping her from enjoying it. She's wandering around the family hallway wearing nice flowing clothing that hides her figure quite nicely and looking for Sora. She needs to have a talk with her Mama about something very important.

She's started showing, and she doesn't think that she can keep this a secret from everyone for much longer without going crazy.]

[ooc: Anyone can reply and join in the brain break. But Sora's the only one she's planned on telling.]

Sob clinging forever
26th-Nov-2011 01:49 pm(no subject)
[ There is an older Riku standing outside her house this morning. The house she shares with her... well her Red, and her son. The house connected with her timeline's Kai and Axel's house. The house that is now decorated on her side in the spirit of Christmas.

It's more like the spirit of Christmas puked all over her house, rolled around in it, then strung up the remains along the windows with some tinsel. She is staring in dumbstruck horror at the lights, the wreathes, the plastic and inflatable figurines, the lit-up wire deer on the roof and electric icicles hanging everywhere. Her home looks like the Space Paranoids version of a gingerbread house, and she's really happy she doesn't have to pay any bills in the DR. ]
only one demand
24th-Nov-2011 02:40 pm(no subject)
[It's a nice day today. The air is calm, and while there are a few clouds in the sky, there aren't nearly enough to block most of the sun's warmth. And there are a lot of Riku-looking people out today! This isn't necessarily strange for some of them, but others aren't particularly social and it's rare to see them even outside.

This Riku and his Replica are probably the most noticeable ones, as they've built a fire pit between the houses and the apartments. They've got a pretty big fire going, but the most interesting part about that is that it's violet. Feel free to go stand by it or ask them why they're burning a purple fire.

Another Riku is in the park area, dressed in a light jacket and pants, attacking what appears to be a small army of training dummies.

And well...this isn't a Riku, but Sora here is giving a tour of a small part of the DR to a small child perched on her shoulders. He's not hers, she swears. (He actually belongs to this other Riku, who is off being antisocial.)

Kai (not the older one that's been here a while) is shopping. In the sense that you actually shop in the DR--either way, he's currently in Radiant Garden with a couple bags on one arm, wearing a pair of jeans and a hoodie. Yay cool weather clothes.

(OoC: Open post, all these people are available for bothering. If you want anyone else, just ask.)]
this over here is interesting
21st-Nov-2011 07:35 pm(no subject)
[This Xehanort's having some time alone today: apparently, some productive time, too. As much as he might dote on his daughter, having her underfoot is not very amenable towards his scientific endeavours.

So. He's in the library; study time. Research time, with a change of scenery to inspire him rather than the confines of his own lab-workshop.

Writing up notes. Among arcane scribbles, such highlights as:

Simulations? Run sim in immersion environment. See: Gr./SP. : equiv. to old time sim room: need to look @ poss. locations.

Chains: simpler. Synthesis: look @ gear-system.

Base weapon? Shape, form? Get to armory? Easy to make something that looks the part! Or have it made?

Strength of heart.
21st-Nov-2011 06:15 am - Come all ye pretty fair maids
[It is true that it's been getting colder lately. Most people would be staying inside or rugged up in warm clothes.

Not lounging about in the freezing water at the beach.

But that's exactly what this new Namine is doing. And she doesn't seem to be clothed either, meaning she should be even colder. Her long hair hides her chest from veiw and the lower half of her body remains sibmerged in the water, so nothing's really visible. But still. She's a naked Namine, lounging about in the water during winter. Feel free to approach her to inform her that she's crazy.]

20th-Nov-2011 01:54 am(no subject)
[Riku looks like a teenager dressed him as their favorite pop star- indeed, one has had quite the effect on his wardrobe- and he looks rather uncomfortable. The "fashionable" clothes aren't the only reason though. He's been staying very close to the house with Kai and Axel, and hasn't spoken to many other people at all since a spell hit him making him think he was in love with a male Larxene.

No, he's mostly uncomfortable because he recently awoke to find himself leashed by his collar to a hook on the wall of the grocery, just outside the doors.]
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19th-Nov-2011 03:29 pm - So close to the edge
[This one hasn't been seen in a while. She's been keeping to herlsef while she tries to pull herself together after that almost-breakdown. But she's finally venturing out of wherever she's been hiding.

For those who can sense it, that little sliver of Darkness that had taken root in her Heart is still there, so it's clear that she hasn't completely gotten past what's bothering her. But at the very least, her Darkness isn't an issue. Yet.

She's currently taking a stroll through the town area, maybe looking for a nice cafe or something to have some tea and a snack. She could use some down time to just relax.]

[ooc: Taking another shot at playing her. Here's to hoping I can revive her muse. ^^]

[A sudden explosion of dark tendrils and a blinding white flash exposes a hunched over figure on their knees. There are gasping breaths for air that aren't needed - not anymore - not without a heart. After a few shaking and forced gasps the nobody lifts his head to look around with more just a little bit of confusion apparent on his face]

--what the?

[With a barely suppressed whimper Demyx hauls himself to his feet, not as easy as he first anticipated, made apparent by the cringe and unsteady balance that serves to remind him of a recently concluded battle. That's right - he had fought Sora and failed. His nonexistence had been terminated... so why?]

[Why was he here?]

Man, is this some sort of afterlife? [taps his temple thoughtfully] Do nobodies even have an afterlife?

[Have an extremely confused nobody.]

{ooc// coming to the dressing room right after that final battle with Sora. Have fun trying to explain things to him. c': I hope I did this right!}
17th-Nov-2011 03:43 am(no subject)
[There's a flicker of orange coming from one of the apartments in the residential area. One would have to look upward to see it, but the black smoke seeping from the sliding glass door to the balcony would certainly draw the attention of those perhaps wondering if there's a bonfire going on nearby. If anyone happens to be inside the building on the same floor the smell will be much stronger, with more smoke trailing from an unlocked but closed door, close to the elevator. The door itself is hot, and somewhere there's a dog barking.]
don't trust apples
12th-Nov-2011 11:59 pm(no subject)

[There's an incredibly loud yell that's getting steadily louder! It is followed by a crash of near-catastrophic degrees, but only if someone had actually owned that fruit stand. There's a pair of gigantic feet (by human standards) sticking up out of the roof and kicking about, and the decorative hangings of the stand are all tangled around the owner of said extremities of majestic nature.]

Gosh darn it.. Ahyuk.
12th-Nov-2011 07:51 pm - Let it snow Let it snow Let it snow
[Little Nami may not have liked all the open space when the DR first changed, but that's long past. These days she cant get enough of it. The open spaces and freedom to roam have had a very positive effect on her. She's coming out of her shell a little more all the time, something that didn't happen to older her for several more years.

She's currently enjoying playing outside in the snow, dressed all warm and attempting to build a small snowman.]

11th-Nov-2011 09:05 pm - New muse, let's see how this goes!
[It's getting colder, isn't it? It might not have snowed (properly) yet, but it's getting there. The recent icy conditions have helped--well, as far as snow is concerned. As far as this new arrival is, it's not helpful at all. Growing up on a tropical island and having little exposure to conditions as cool as he's experiencing currently kinda sucks.

Congratulations, DR, you've just obtained a very confused and slightly freezing Kai, dressed in a t-shirt and board shorts, standing in the middle of the street.]

W-where am I? These aren't the islands...

Sora? Riku? Dad? Selph? Anyone?
8th-Nov-2011 02:36 pm(no subject)
[There's a new Namine and she's just walked out of a building to find herself on an unfamiliar street.]

Hmm, did I take a wrong turn?

[She turns around to go back inside the building, but it's not the same place she left.]

How...many wrong turns could I have made?

[As if that's not strange enough, she's looking around to see color. She looks back at herself, a colorless Namine.]

Or did I get spiked with LSD....?

[ooc: new here, hallo! I actually used to lurk and post here a few years ago. I just realized there has been some sort of a setting change, so I'm going to try to get up to speed and accommodate my character.]
7th-Nov-2011 09:55 pm(no subject)
[ There are some things Riku just isn't very good at. Ice-skating is one of them. This is only a problem as the streets have frozen over completely. It's cold enough that snow could start (and stick) any day now. Has that fountain always been there? Probably. Now it's iced over, a frozen work of art spilling out into the streets. It's almost hard to find ground that isn't coated in a thick layer of ice. Riku's holding onto a lamp post, trying to get her footing enough to get back to the apartments. She's not the only one. I mean, there's a tentacle monster trying to suck on a piece of ice still attached to the fountain. ]

[ooc: Open post. If you want someone other than Riku, just ask. Also feel free to threadhop between yourselves, I just wanted something wintery. ♥]
quit while you can
4th-Nov-2011 10:53 pm(no subject)
[Halloween's over, so things should be back to normal. Unfortunately for this Roxas though, his costume's still stuck.

That's not what's worrying him though. No he's nervous and pacing around near the apartment building for a totally different reason, mumbling to himself and looking generally ill from nerves.

The little box he's fiddling with might have something to do with it. However should anyone approach that box will go right back into his pocket, just in case it's the person he's plucking up the courage to ask to marry him.]

2nd-Nov-2011 07:20 am - Data gathering
Cut for brief use of Courier to be on the safe sideCollapse )

[Golden eyes open, glowing as he sits up on the bench. This is quite the troubling predicament. The good news it that he can function. He is simply missing a part of his memory. That can, of course, be worked around, even if it bothers and annoys him. The fact that he last remembers fighting that infernal debugger, Sora, means one of two things: either this is what happens to someone after deletion, or he's managed to actually escape the confines of the journal. Either way, there is little he can do besides gather data--data that could, after all, save him.

So quietly, he looks around. Houses. Data indicates this would, in fact, be a suburban area. Huh. Quite the odd place to wake up.]

More data is necessary to come to any conclusions. Though how to gather it is an unknown variable...

[...Perhaps talking to himself isn't the best solution. And perhaps he should get up off of the bench to wander around. Oops. Getting up and beginning to scan the area now, for any signs of life and perhaps someone to question.]
♥ Sora: Rage... Hatred...
1st-Nov-2011 10:55 pm(no subject)
Psst. There's a poll up.

Putting this here, too. We are toying with the idea of accepting new mods to help spruce some life back into the place. Please comment here if you are interested.
things that go bump
31st-Oct-2011 07:28 pm - No treats just tricks
[Ri has just put his fist through a wall in a very public area. Why? Probably because he currently looks like this. And he's really REALLY not happy about it. Maybe you should try to make it better, or maybe just stay away because Darkness is swirling around him pretty fiercely.]

This is fucking worse than being a woman!

[OOC: Pretend this happened earlier this morning. I was out all day! :x]
Would you like Dark Firaga with that?, Stop Saying Stupid Things, I will GUT you
30th-Oct-2011 11:59 pm - life's no fun without a good scare
{ Happy Halloween, Dressing Room! Are you up for something different this year? Signs are magically popping up all across the worlds, especially in the residential area, and fliers are set in stacks in the apartments, all describing the wondrously spooky party to take place in Halloween Town! Don your best costume, grab a bag for candy, and load up into the decorated tram station. The trains are decorated with black and orange streamers and garland, cobwebs and (surely fake) spiders. A train or two may be out of commission, traveling empty across the tracks. You might even pass by in your own train, just slow enough to catch a glimpse of the bloody handprints and ghostly figures inside.

Arrival in Halloween Town will be exactly as it should. Full of fright and festivities. No matter how many times a tram will arrive and open its doors to allow departure, a body will crash on the roof, dead hands reaching down the door, only to vanish should anyone look for it. The path to the town itself is easy to find, a helpful scarecrow pointing the way. The town square especially is decorated to its finest, hundreds of jack-o-lanterns scattered around the town. The streets are lined with a low, thick fog, orange lights and spider webs, skeletons, and more dangerous 'decorations' in sight. (Do be careful near the guillotine.) There are far more frightening decorations of course, strung up corpses and bloody limbs scattered a little further from the central area. (And not all of them are fake.) Most of them, however, are harmless even with their fright. Like the bloodied, bound, and (mostly) faceless being with the wreath around his neck.

There are apples for bobbing and heaps of candy in buckets and bags, tables filled from corner to corner with plates of food. Cookies, cupcakes, candied and caramel apples, and all manner of pumpkin dishes. Pies, tarts, pumpkin cheesecake bars, bread, mousse... There really is no end to the pumpkin dishes. Fortunately, there is at least one table with snacks of the salty variety. Pay no mind to the eyeballs, bugs, and brains. Near the fountain is a small table piled with glasses and a ladle. Whatever's streaming in the well now appears edible enough. It smells good, too!

Some of the real fun comes in the form of the new (and temporary) cornfield on the outskirts of town. Yes, a maze has in fact been put in place, large enough to provide a little fun, but not so much that anyone should get lost. At least, not for too long. But beware, it isn't going to be that easy. One wrong turn and you'll find nothing but a dead end, a circle of mirrors, or a giant spider web blocking your path. Who knows what ghoulish sidetracks can be found in there? Be careful you don't take the wrong exit, or you'll find yourself at the door of Oogie Boogie's manor. Those less interested in their own safety are free to enter, of course, but that's where the real terrors of Halloween Town are tonight. }
do I hear master?
30th-Oct-2011 11:37 pm(no subject)
[Halloween. A day based on the old tradition known as all hallows eve. The one night of the year where spirits of the dead can return to the world. These days, it's a day where people dress up, have fun, eat candy and scare the living daylights out of one another.
Even more so in the Dressing Room, with all it's magic and twisted sense of humor.

Though none of that is bothering Ven. Even with the costume
he's been given. He's perfectly content to sit out in the park, surrounded by Halloween decorations, and eat candy. The derp couldn't be happier.]
Pure: Smile
27th-Oct-2011 09:43 pm - Fog Bound;
[Anyone near the mainland dock will hear some pretty loud shouting coming from a porthole beneath a rather large pirate ship, complete with crew mates all dressed in appropriate pirating gear. This one is shouting up to the crew above him over the sound of him rattling the metal, cell door.]

RIKU! Let me out of here now! I mean it!

[A younger Roxas snickers at the calls from his place on the deck as he's busy scrubbing away. Another blond is up in the crow's nest, peering out at everything through his telescope. You might even be able to notice the two blonde mermaids circling around in the waters beside the ship, though they seem to disappear below the surface when someone nears.]

[OOC: Posting early for Halloween day.]
23. Arguing.
25th-Oct-2011 09:33 pm - stray sheep
[Some community service might be in order today. This part of the DR has some litter on the roads. Namely, by giant blocks, almost as tall as a person, scattered around. Some are stacked neatly, others are just there, pushed against the sides. This Namine wearing an all too short dress and her hair curled in pigtails is not happy in particular, since there's a whole 3-block-tall wall in front of her apartment door, covering it from all three sides.]

... I forgot Halloween brings out the weirdness of this place.
[Anyone in the downtown area, or who's particularly sensitive, will have just seen/heard/felt a huge blast of magic and Light coming from an alleyway. Kira is flinging out spells as fast as she can, but she's run out of ethers (damn her outfit for not having big pockets) and now has resorted to trying to keep up a Barrier as she tries to get out into a clear space so she can make a run for it. What's she running from?


Except that there seems to be two different groups of Heartless in this area, each fighting the other or going after people that they come across. Particularly horrifying is how some Heartless release their captured Hearts but don't fade into Darkness, instead turning on the 'normal' Heartless like the others. Yes, DR. There are zombie-Heartless on the loose. And Kira still doesn't know if they can infect people yet. You're welcome.]


[OOC: Open post! Feel free to be attacked, or yell at Kira for not thinking, or even be turned into a zombie. Threadhopping is encouraged.]
This Can't Be Good, Daddy is Upset, Uh Oh
24th-Oct-2011 07:45 pm(no subject)
... what the heck?

[A rather disgruntled Xeha's picking at the sleeves of his current ... outfit. Wasn't this out of some movie he saw once? Sheesh...]

Huh. Could be worse, I guess. Could've been a monster or something.

[Or worst of all, he could've ended up with the pointy ears.]
23rd-Oct-2011 11:32 pm(no subject)
[ Something is wrong with the dressing room. At least, that's what Riku thinks.

Today? Today was her birthday! She's twenty years old now, and she feels so old compared to most other Rikus. But today went as any birthday should. She slept as long as she wanted (most of the day, given her vampire costume), and it's a nice evening with clear skies and bright stars. She's been walking around town, along the boardwalk at the beach, hands in her pockets. The absence of a cake hasn't bothered her, because she can't eat food anyway, and so far no sentient pastries have shown up to ruin her day. It's been completely and utterly normal.

Riku could not possibly be feeling more paranoid. She would probably jump if someone went 'boo'. ]
when it invaded my heart
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