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[ The more things change, the more they stay the same, and things are changing. It's a bit like falling into Wonderland. For those from a universe where 'Ansem' destroyed entire worlds, they might it find familiar, reminiscent of the dark outskirts of the worlds leftover. Soras, especially, will find the way they scatter and melt into nothing familiar. The entire dressing room is shrinking. As the worlds unmerge and become their own, disconnected from the makeshift world around them, things are reverting back to how they were. The outermost walls of the apartment building are expanding, the actual apartments themselves shifting around like a Rubik's Cube, down one, to the side, turning in place. Some go tumbling like a box kicked down a flight of stairs. Houses are sliding closer, squashed together, yards shrinking to fit a uniform length.

When things stop and the dust settles, most people will find the result just as familiar. Anyone who's been here longer than a year surely will. We're back to the original layout of the dressing room; the endless apartments. There's no end in sight, but there's also no roof, and the hallways aren't pristine. Most of them look the same, or similar enough, but they still seem outdoors. Concrete sidewalks and round stone walkways in dirt roads, desert passages made of sand and stone, grassy halls lined with vines and flowers up doorframes, or wet, murky swamps with steps leading up to rooms. There are halls for where people live, but they're virtually indistinguishable from the other halls. The rooms where nothing is predictable. The houses are all along the same 'hall', winding in a large curve back to the main room, which is where all of the halls can be accessed, the main kitchen, and special doors to go to each and every World. All that remains from before is the river, winding through the halls.

Trams still run along the outskirts, because no matter how cluttered and tight things are again, the place really is endless.

And everywhere, everywhere there are colorful bubbles floating through the air, across water, even stuck in trees. Some are clear, some filled with colored smoke, and some dripping. They crackle like glass and burst into nothing when touched, hitting the one responsible for popping them with a spell. It's the New Year, after all. Has to start off with a bang. ]

{ ooc ; Happy New Year, DR! Dreamwidth mirror! It was voted on a while back on LJ, and now it's happening. Maybe this fresh start (in more ways than one!) will stir in a little more life. As with tradition, spells are recycled during the New Year, so! The available spells to hit your character with are:

- age character up or down
- character speaks only the truth
- character becomes an animal or has animal traits
- fear spell (character undergoes their worst fears)
- love arrows (causes the character to fall in love with the first person they see)
- aphrodisiac (character becomes unbearably aroused, and stays that way without the help of another person)
- alignment swap (good becomes bad, bad becomes good, grey areas are up to you)
- power swap (element changes to opposite, or switches abilities with another character)
- body swap (two characters swap bodies)
- sex swap (physical sex changes)

Expect more spells soon! }
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