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snuggled up together like two birds of a feather would be ☆

[ Things are a little different this Christmas Eve. It's the first holiday season in years that many residents will be able to spend outdoors, and whatever drives the place has gone all out to make things festive. There are white lights and ruby garland strung up around lamp posts, red bows and wreathes adorning buildings. Even the trams are decorated, lit up on the outside and warm and cozy inside. There's a chill in the air, but for the most part it isn't too uncomfortable. Trees stripped bare of leaves by the change in seasons have had their leaves replaced by lights, and the occasional tree in the park bears large, shining baubles.

The ball this year is held in a new building, something that's popped up on the outskirts of the residential area overnight. (Of course, no one will be able to get inside until much later in the evening.) The park's a little smaller and crowded as a result, but not by much. It, like much of the outdoors, is covered in white. A light snow has been falling since early afternoon, resulting in a glistening bed of frost over the ground, the trees, and every rooftop. Much of it stretches out past the area, giving a wintery cover to most worlds. The fountains in Radiant Garden have frozen over into chaotic ice sculptures, and enough snow for a snowman (or snowmouse) can be found in Traverse Town, while the sound of carols comes from nowhere in particular in Disney Town. Hopefully no one tries to take the tram to Halloween Town for purposes of sneaking into Christmas Town. That world is barred off from entry no matter how hard anyone tries.

Somewhere around six in the evening, the doors to the ballroom open and remain so. Large wreathes decorated with red ribbon and crystal clear baubles hang on the doors. The building itself is decorated simply and tastefully, with red ribbons and streamers, dimmed lights and soft, instrumental music, perfect for the pristine dance floor. The ceiling, a true highlight of the room, is made of framed glass and gives a perfect, pristine view of the stars and snowfall outside. The tree this year is decorated with red, pale green, white, and more clear glass ornaments. Strangely enough, each is marked with a small tag. Just a simple old strip of paper, blank until someone gets close enough to see their name appear on one special ornament, in swirling red script. There are birds, hearts, stars... all kinds of simple, precious ornaments there to take. Maybe they mean something.

Like any good party in the DR, there's plenty of food. In the back room, separated from the ballroom by frosted glass walls, there are tables with glass tops and sheer white tablecloths, the largest of which is rectangular and has a placement of ham, roast birds, casseroles and vegetables, with nuts, popcorn, pretzels and cheeses further down. There are two smaller, round tables, one with drinks (non-alcoholic eggnog, ciders, and hot cocoa), and one with sweets like pudding, cookies, fudge, and sugared fruits. A group of much smaller, more cozy and personal tables are scattered in the corner near the food, with delicate placements decorated with classic red poinsettias. ]

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