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[It's not a bad day out, Xeha's thinking, as he ambles through the Radiant Garden district with a cup of spiced hot chocolate in his hands and a couple of rolls of wrapping paper under one arm. Hopefully that'll be enough: he went a bit crazy with the present collection, but better safe than sorry!

Suddenly, though, he slips. The chocolate goes flying, melting a nicely scented puddle in a patch of snow. It wasn't that the ground was icy, either...

He stares up, dazed, in no hurry to move. It's like he's walked into a brick wall, and his head's spinning. Disconnected. He knows what he's seeing, but at the same time, it's all wrong... There's no Radiant Garden. But this isn't. He wasn't here before, but he was. But it looks like... but everything's changed.

A whole chunk of memories. A whole slice of a life he'd lived elsewhere. New experiences, new worlds, new sights, new perspectives.

How's that for an early Christmas present?]

((A quick note! Subject lines contain references to the latest Jump Festa trailer; if you're really trying to keep unspoiled for 3D it may be wise to stay clear. If trailers count as spoilers. I don't know. Sorry about that!))
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