girl!Riku (shadowedcoast) wrote in kingdomdressing,

[ Looks like snow today, DR. At least in this area, it looks like it snowed overnight. But there are great big clouds making it overcast this fine morning. If she thought it would help her stay more hidden, Riku might have waited until it really was snowing before setting out on her adventure. But no. She's out already, bundled up for the cold with a hood covering her head, so she can at least pretend she's not walking down the street where she knows several (alternate, she reminds herself) future people live. Including her (alternate) future self and her kid.

Unfortunately, that's exactly the house she's going to, and knocking on the door of after much hesitation. But there's plenty of time for someone to distract Riku and save her from her own self-induced torture. ]
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