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[ Good morning, DR. Isn't it a nice month? Isn't it lovely weather outside? Are you dreaming of sugarplums yet? That's okay, you don't have to. The dressing room has taken the liberty of giving you your very own sugarplums. Outside. Everywhere. It's like stepping into the Wonka Chocolate Factory the minute you hit open air. Everything smells wonderful, like sugar and chocolate and peppermint, coffee and fruit, cinnamon... Everything has been turned edible. From green taffy grass to chocolate bark on the trees, cotton candy clouds - and chocolate milk rain if you're lucky. The river has been turned into a large rootbeer float, with huge chunks of frosty vanilla icecream drifting along the way. Benches, tables, chairs, even doors and buildings are built from some manner of confectionery, ripped straight out of fairy tales. There are cookie lampposts with hard coffee coating, fences made of cake, buttery candied insects with sugar wings landing on gummi plants, chimneys with bricks made of brownies or fruitcakes, sending tufts of pale pink cotton candy into the sky... Is there a downside to a spell like this?]

[ooc: You didn't think it was that easy, did you?

Fruit flavors mean color changes and patterns. Your hair, your eyes, your skin... Remember that one hideous cat sweater? Enjoy your temporary tattoo!
Except for cherries and strawberries. In some places, Christmas is a holiday more focused on romance. Find your destined Mr. or Mrs. Claus. No matter how far apart you are, you're suddenly connected by a red string, and bells only you two can hear. Just remember that destiny... sometimes makes mistakes.
Alcohol can affect your judgment and what you say. Rum cake, bourbon balls, whiskey and eggnog? Your choices are all truth... or all lies.
Jelly beans and gummi candies are the sex/genderswap candies. Have fun.
Any hard candies will age your character dramatically, except for lollipops. Those age you down.
Baked goods are the best choice in what to leave for Santa. Cookies, cakes, any sort of pastries will give you an animal aspect. Now what happens if you mix them? ]
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