Avani (shadowedxlight) wrote in kingdomdressing,

Katie's Back!

[So, after, what, five or six months, these three have crawled out of the woodwork again.

Hikari's out by the skating rink, staring at the ice and wondering if it would be a good idea for her to try it. She's never been all that good at skating and she's afraid she'd hurt herself.

Her older self is in Traverse Town, trying to sneak out of a certain shop without being spotted by anyone she knows while she's hiding something in her purse. What she's been deprived for a year and a half, it took her long enough.

And Desiree's just wandering along the streets all bundled up in her favorite blue and pink winter outfit, just wandering around and looking at Christmas lights. She's wishing she could explore with someone, but oh well, this is what she gets for being gone so long...]
Tags: future kids, oc
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