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So I herd u liek Rikus

[Hello DR, you've probably noticed the sudden flash of light on the bridge leading from the suburban area to Radiant Garden. You might have even noticed the Riku that's suddenly appeared following the flash, lying facedown on the ground. He stays there for a few seconds, then slowly pushes himself into his hands and knees. The ground's a lot colder than he thought it was, and the air on the parts of his face not covered by his hair or blindfold is colder as well. The World That Never Was wasn't this cold a few minutes ago.]

What's going on...?

[More importantly, he can't sense Sora, Kairi, or anyone he was just with.

(ooc: New Riku, some info in profile and journal, taken from just after DiZ/Ansem's machine explodes in his canon.)]
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