Angelique (castledecorator) wrote in kingdomdressing,

[ It's December, Dressing Room! You know what that means. Break out the eggnog, the candy canes, the Christmas cookie cutters, find yourself a nice tree, and let the spirit of the holidays take you over. Just be careful - treats and festivities are the Dressing Room's favorite ways to play, and older residents have grown familiar with December's tricks.

Angelique has gotten her hands on a certain Fairy Godmother's wand, and she's using it to thread intricate details into the mistletoe displays cropping up across the worlds. Over half of every doorframe, archway, and gateway has the enchanted plant hanging above it. It's become a tradition of the DR by now. ]

{ ooc; You know the drill. Magic mistletoe keeps characters trapped until they kiss, whether this be a peck on the cheek or otherwise. Happy December! }
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