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[dated to Sunday morning! because most of this stuff wouldn't be happening at night. it's an overcast morning, and chilly enough that there could be snow if those clouds get any heavier!

Kai is heading home with a small bag, having gone out to grab a few things quickly. the bag contains a few things from what looks like a hair salon.

Another Kai is seated in the park, looking a bit underdressed considering the temperature. he doesn't seem very bothered by the cold (living at the bottom of an ocean means having to deal with it, after all), and is currently enjoying a variety of candies that are likely to make him end up sick, more from the rate at which he is consuming them than for their contents.

Nami is having a bit of difficulty pushing a fair-sized "portable" generator down the street. he's heading for his naga friend's den, wanting to give him something to power the electric heaters he's going to be bringing by as well at a slightly later date. he's already brought no doubt dozens of blankets by now.

Riku is stringing tinsel garlands around the old paopu tree near the beach. it's already had some lights strung around it, all the way up to the leaves. how he managed to get it up so neatly is a mystery however.

Sora has just entered the library, a bag slung over her shoulder. she seems set for a day indoors, just reading!

Red has found his way to an outdoor ice rink that he's never noticed before. there are cubbies full of skates of every size near it, and he's given into a sudden, overwhelming urge to try skating.

he's not doing very well.]
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