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The Kingdom Hearts Dressing Room
the show begins in 3, 2, 1
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19th-Jan-2012 12:50 am(no subject)
Event happening this weekend at the Dreamwidth community! Info up over at [community profile] chamberofrepose.
things that go bump
2nd-Jan-2012 03:58 am - hair of the dog
[Face down on a sofa somewhere in the DR is Kira. She's wearing the crumpled remains of a sparkly (and short) party dress, she's lost one of her heels, her makeup is smudged over her sleeping face, and her other foot is hanging off the arm of the sofa. She may or may not have snuck out last night to party the night away with her friends. And Kira may or may not have gotten drunk for the first time, which explains her current state.

Maybe someone should wake her up. She might be able to still sneak back home without getting caught! Doubtful. Or maybe you're one of her friends and are in the same state Kira is. Who knows?]

[OOC: Backdated to earlier this morning. Crossposted to DW.]
Is This a Lecture?, Uhm, Those Don't Match
1st-Jan-2012 06:52 pm(no subject)
[ The more things change, the more they stay the same, and things are changing. It's a bit like falling into Wonderland. For those from a universe where 'Ansem' destroyed entire worlds, they might it find familiar, reminiscent of the dark outskirts of the worlds leftover. Soras, especially, will find the way they scatter and melt into nothing familiar. The entire dressing room is shrinking. As the worlds unmerge and become their own, disconnected from the makeshift world around them, things are reverting back to how they were. The outermost walls of the apartment building are expanding, the actual apartments themselves shifting around like a Rubik's Cube, down one, to the side, turning in place. Some go tumbling like a box kicked down a flight of stairs. Houses are sliding closer, squashed together, yards shrinking to fit a uniform length.

When things stop and the dust settles, most people will find the result just as familiar. Anyone who's been here longer than a year surely will. We're back to the original layout of the dressing room; the endless apartments. There's no end in sight, but there's also no roof, and the hallways aren't pristine. Most of them look the same, or similar enough, but they still seem outdoors. Concrete sidewalks and round stone walkways in dirt roads, desert passages made of sand and stone, grassy halls lined with vines and flowers up doorframes, or wet, murky swamps with steps leading up to rooms. There are halls for where people live, but they're virtually indistinguishable from the other halls. The rooms where nothing is predictable. The houses are all along the same 'hall', winding in a large curve back to the main room, which is where all of the halls can be accessed, the main kitchen, and special doors to go to each and every World. All that remains from before is the river, winding through the halls.

Trams still run along the outskirts, because no matter how cluttered and tight things are again, the place really is endless.

And everywhere, everywhere there are colorful bubbles floating through the air, across water, even stuck in trees. Some are clear, some filled with colored smoke, and some dripping. They crackle like glass and burst into nothing when touched, hitting the one responsible for popping them with a spell. It's the New Year, after all. Has to start off with a bang. ]

{ ooc ; Happy New Year, DR! Dreamwidth mirror! It was voted on a while back on LJ, and now it's happening. Maybe this fresh start (in more ways than one!) will stir in a little more life. As with tradition, spells are recycled during the New Year, so! Here are the available spells to hit your character with!Collapse ) Expect more spells soon! }
things that go bump
[ Things are a little different this Christmas Eve. It's the first holiday season in years that many residents will be able to spend outdoors, and whatever drives the place has gone all out to make things festive. There are white lights and ruby garland strung up around lamp posts, red bows and wreathes adorning buildings. Even the trams are decorated, lit up on the outside and warm and cozy inside. There's a chill in the air, but for the most part it isn't too uncomfortable. Trees stripped bare of leaves by the change in seasons have had their leaves replaced by lights, and the occasional tree in the park bears large, shining baubles.

The ball this year is held in a new building, something that's popped up on the outskirts of the residential area overnight. (Of course, no one will be able to get inside until much later in the evening.) The park's a little smaller and crowded as a result, but not by much. It, like much of the outdoors, is covered in white. A light snow has been falling since early afternoon, resulting in a glistening bed of frost over the ground, the trees, and every rooftop. Much of it stretches out past the area, giving a wintery cover to most worlds. The fountains in Radiant Garden have frozen over into chaotic ice sculptures, and enough snow for a snowman (or snowmouse) can be found in Traverse Town, while the sound of carols comes from nowhere in particular in Disney Town. Hopefully no one tries to take the tram to Halloween Town for purposes of sneaking into Christmas Town. That world is barred off from entry no matter how hard anyone tries.

Somewhere around six in the evening, the doors to the ballroom open and remain so. Large wreathes decorated with red ribbon and crystal clear baubles hang on the doors. The building itself is decorated simply and tastefully, with red ribbons and streamers, dimmed lights and soft, instrumental music, perfect for the pristine dance floor. The ceiling, a true highlight of the room, is made of framed glass and gives a perfect, pristine view of the stars and snowfall outside. The tree this year is decorated with red, pale green, white, and more clear glass ornaments. Strangely enough, each is marked with a small tag. Just a simple old strip of paper, blank until someone gets close enough to see their name appear on one special ornament, in swirling red script. There are birds, hearts, stars... all kinds of simple, precious ornaments there to take. Maybe they mean something.

Like any good party in the DR, there's plenty of food. In the back room, separated from the ballroom by frosted glass walls, there are tables with glass tops and sheer white tablecloths, the largest of which is rectangular and has a placement of ham, roast birds, casseroles and vegetables, with nuts, popcorn, pretzels and cheeses further down. There are two smaller, round tables, one with drinks (non-alcoholic eggnog, ciders, and hot cocoa), and one with sweets like pudding, cookies, fudge, and sugared fruits. A group of much smaller, more cozy and personal tables are scattered in the corner near the food, with delicate placements decorated with classic red poinsettias. ]

{ ooc: Dreamwidth mirror here. Happy Holidays, everyone! }
this will do
21st-Dec-2011 09:14 pm(no subject)
[ So what say you, DR? Had enough happy holidays? No? How about something to make you really happy? This particular observance isn't for the kids, so anyone under the age of seventeen won't notice anything strange... Unless they're paying close attention to everyone else. Any bit of physical contact, the slightest touch of skin against skin... well, you'll see fireworks. A touch of the hand, highfives, handshakes, and kisses, it's all enough to trigger a very sudden (and likely very startling) orgasm. From morning to midnight, you might start to be grateful for the need to pile on those winter clothes. ]

{ ooc: It's Global Orgasm Day! Mirror here!

For the remainder of December and January we will be posting all events both here and at our Dreamwidth community, [community profile] kingdomdressing. You can post on either site and are not obligated to join either one. However, if the poll wins out and LJ does not fix any of the changes they've added that make it more convenient, we will most likely be moving. If that does happen, the LJ comm will still be open for anyone who wants to stay here. ♥ Remember: DW is still allowing you to make journals without codes at this time! }
things that go bump
21st-Dec-2011 12:29 am(no subject)
In light of the latest changes to LiveJournal's formatting, including increased lag, comment threads that collapse but still display the ENTIRE number of comments despite how long they are (1000 thread still display in entirety), we're considering moving to Dreamwidth.org. So far, the pros to this move seem to outweigh the cons, but we've decided to have a poll for everyone to get a say in. Please vote and comment to this entry with anything you might want to say.

This poll is closed.

Should we move KingdomDressing to Dreamwidth.org?


EDIT: If codes are swaying your opinion, DW is currently allowing you to make journals without codes. (They probably saw this coming.) Several of us are also willing to share codes we might have saved up once the free-journal-making thing is over.

EDIT #2: Layout changed temporarily to deal with the comment issue. EDIT THE THIRD: Read this comment. S2 layouts are NOT a fix - posts with long threads cannot be seen fully.

RETURN OF EDIT: The poll is a meant to be a decision what to do if the changes are long-term and/or don't get fixed. I'm okay with waiting it out a couple days to see what LJ does first, but I want to know what everyone wants to do if LJ stays this way.

POLL IS CLOSED UNTIL JANUARY 1ST - The mods have discussed it due to some votes being on the fence, and suspicious activity, including being tipped off to double voting. This is not acceptable. At the start of the month we will put up a new poll, giving people time to think about their answers and adequate time for LJ to fix anything, if they choose to.
zodiac ♎ justice is blind
20th-Dec-2011 12:31 pm - bewitching the holidays.
[ her worship returns.

xigbar has disappeared from the dressing room for a long time, but today she finds herself playing audience again — sitting down on top of the tram with her legs crossed over one another, whistling loudly whenever she sees a familiar face. will they catch her, or will they ignore her? because if it's the latter, it will be something to get off the tram for.

the heart always finds its way; the girl with the red hood, braig, is around and has been for a few days — and accompanying her is a little black puppy. she believes it to be a normal wolf puppy who lost its way, which is something different from the multitude of cats that she keeps on bumping into. therefore, she decides to keep it. if anyone objects, she will send it off to someone to bite — something to learn a.s.a.p., she believes. with a change of clothes ( a black, long-sleeved turtleneck, pants and knee-high kitten-heeled leather boots that fits her like a charm ), sans her favourite hood, she is outside and trying out the winter weather for once. typically, she hates it because it's too cold. however, for now, she decides to grin and bear it — see if she will get used to it.

the direwolf pup barks rather fiercely at the first person it sees that's not her.
19th-Dec-2011 02:23 pm(no subject)
[ Standing outside the nearest shopping district is a Riku, just feet away from the local pet store. She had been eying the display of cute and furry animals sleeping in the window, but something else caught her attention. A notice board that looks fairly out of place, made of a wood in warm, golden tones with red ribbon strung around the posts. There's a faintly glowing white feather balanced on a short shelf, and a bottle of golden ink.

At the top of the board reads: What is your Christmas wish? ]
the quiet scares me
18th-Dec-2011 05:51 am - 15 Weeks

[Since Daddy Ri decided to let the ENTIRE Dressing Room know that she was pregnant, Namine's been staying hidden away in her new place of residence. However, she's just not the type who can stay cooped up for that long and can today be found lounging about with the Chocobos.
She's currently lying on her back reading a book, one hand resting against Percy's feathers as he's taken it upon himself to be her bodyguard during this delicate time in her life. She would be perfectly content to stay here for hours...

Except when she feels something strange and glances down at her growing stomach, placing her hand on the bump there.
It's several moments before she realizes what it is, but when she does, she couldn't get the smile off her smile off her face if she tried.]

Together we'll be whole
17th-Dec-2011 07:43 pm(no subject)
[It's not a bad day out, Xeha's thinking, as he ambles through the Radiant Garden district with a cup of spiced hot chocolate in his hands and a couple of rolls of wrapping paper under one arm. Hopefully that'll be enough: he went a bit crazy with the present collection, but better safe than sorry!

Suddenly, though, he slips. The chocolate goes flying, melting a nicely scented puddle in a patch of snow. It wasn't that the ground was icy, either...

He stares up, dazed, in no hurry to move. It's like he's walked into a brick wall, and his head's spinning. Disconnected. He knows what he's seeing, but at the same time, it's all wrong... There's no Radiant Garden. But this isn't. He wasn't here before, but he was. But it looks like... but everything's changed.

A whole chunk of memories. A whole slice of a life he'd lived elsewhere. New experiences, new worlds, new sights, new perspectives.

How's that for an early Christmas present?]

((A quick note! Subject lines contain references to the latest Jump Festa trailer; if you're really trying to keep unspoiled for 3D it may be wise to stay clear. If trailers count as spoilers. I don't know. Sorry about that!))
[Hello DR. Have some casually dressed Vanitas strolling through the retail area. He's not new, and judging from that Darkness inside of him he's definitely the usual brand of troll. However, he's just not up to any trouble today.
In fact, it seems like he might be doing a little Christmas shopping. Or maybe he's already finished and he's looking for a place to have a hot cup of coffee to warm himself up. Who knows.]

17th-Dec-2011 05:58 am - 'tis the season
[Night has fallen in the DR and all is peaceful and quiet. Unless you live in the suburbs. Because there is a sudden blast of loud Christmas music and flashing lights coming from an EXTREMELY over-decorated house in the neighborhood.

And standing on the sidewalk with the power switch in his hand, is Ri. He is cackling maniacally to celebrate his triumph over technology.]

Yes I am a sadist, Namine says I can hurt you, Naughty thoughts
16th-Dec-2011 08:44 pm(no subject)
[There's the sound of enthusiastic singing coming from outside the apartment building, where Roxas is busy packing snow into a lumpy shape that doesn't quite look like a snowman. He's trying, and that's all that matters!]
I won't stop holding on, something to sing about
16th-Dec-2011 01:08 am(no subject)
[ Looks like snow today, DR. At least in this area, it looks like it snowed overnight. But there are great big clouds making it overcast this fine morning. If she thought it would help her stay more hidden, Riku might have waited until it really was snowing before setting out on her adventure. But no. She's out already, bundled up for the cold with a hood covering her head, so she can at least pretend she's not walking down the street where she knows several (alternate, she reminds herself) future people live. Including her (alternate) future self and her kid.

Unfortunately, that's exactly the house she's going to, and knocking on the door of after much hesitation. But there's plenty of time for someone to distract Riku and save her from her own self-induced torture. ]
I'll open a path
12th-Dec-2011 07:19 pm(no subject)
[ Good morning, DR. Isn't it a nice month? Isn't it lovely weather outside? Are you dreaming of sugarplums yet? That's okay, you don't have to. The dressing room has taken the liberty of giving you your very own sugarplums. Outside. Everywhere. It's like stepping into the Wonka Chocolate Factory the minute you hit open air. Everything smells wonderful, like sugar and chocolate and peppermint, coffee and fruit, cinnamon... Everything has been turned edible. From green taffy grass to chocolate bark on the trees, cotton candy clouds - and chocolate milk rain if you're lucky. The river has been turned into a large rootbeer float, with huge chunks of frosty vanilla icecream drifting along the way. Benches, tables, chairs, even doors and buildings are built from some manner of confectionery, ripped straight out of fairy tales. There are cookie lampposts with hard coffee coating, fences made of cake, buttery candied insects with sugar wings landing on gummi plants, chimneys with bricks made of brownies or fruitcakes, sending tufts of pale pink cotton candy into the sky... Is there a downside to a spell like this?]

[ooc: You didn't think it was that easy, did you?

Fruit flavors mean color changes and patterns. Your hair, your eyes, your skin... Remember that one hideous cat sweater? Enjoy your temporary tattoo!
Except for cherries and strawberries. In some places, Christmas is a holiday more focused on romance. Find your destined Mr. or Mrs. Claus. No matter how far apart you are, you're suddenly connected by a red string, and bells only you two can hear. Just remember that destiny... sometimes makes mistakes.
Alcohol can affect your judgment and what you say. Rum cake, bourbon balls, whiskey and eggnog? Your choices are all truth... or all lies.
Jelly beans and gummi candies are the sex/genderswap candies. Have fun.
Any hard candies will age your character dramatically, except for lollipops. Those age you down.
Baked goods are the best choice in what to leave for Santa. Cookies, cakes, any sort of pastries will give you an animal aspect. Now what happens if you mix them? ]
things that go bump
12th-Dec-2011 02:45 pm - Katie's Back!
[So, after, what, five or six months, these three have crawled out of the woodwork again.

Hikari's out by the skating rink, staring at the ice and wondering if it would be a good idea for her to try it. She's never been all that good at skating and she's afraid she'd hurt herself.

Her older self is in Traverse Town, trying to sneak out of a certain shop without being spotted by anyone she knows while she's hiding something in her purse. What she's been deprived for a year and a half, it took her long enough.

And Desiree's just wandering along the streets all bundled up in her favorite blue and pink winter outfit, just wandering around and looking at Christmas lights. She's wishing she could explore with someone, but oh well, this is what she gets for being gone so long...]
My search will go on
10th-Dec-2011 07:49 pm(no subject)
[It's that time of the month again, the night of the full moon. For the past couple months, the resident werewolves have been either prowling the world areas a good distance away from the more populated areas or otherwise secluded somewhere.

And that's why tonight is different. It's a very bad night to be out and about, because you might just run into one of those werewolves, as it's loose in the residential area. Why? Who knows, but whatever the reason, it's not a good thing.

Though he's not the only thing out prowling tonight, as one might find out one way or another.]
[lycanthropy 5]
10th-Dec-2011 10:44 pm(no subject)
[So here's Kurt, taking a stroll through town. Heading on into the darker districts, for a change; just wanting to get away from the light for once.

Wanting some space to think. To be himself, so to speak. As he comes to a spacious plaza, he looks around, and stops. Well, seems like a good enough spot as anything to try something he's been considering for a week or two, anyway.

Slowly, he starts pulling darkness around him, shifting into his more natural shape, but - stops. Back to human, back to part-way again - and with each attempted change, the result looks more defined, more settled as a separate form. Heartless, but humanoid. Could be useful, he thinks...]

[Meanwhile, across town, in a square on the sea front...

After two years living in a desert city, being around cold weather's pretty weird for Layla. But she's making the best of it - especially with what she's just discovered.

A skating rink!

Was this here yesterday? Will it be there tomorrow? Who knows! And frankly, right now, she doesn't care. While she's out of practice, she's dashing across the ice, finding her feet on the slippy stuff.

Damn, this is fun.]

((Buy one Heartless post, get one free. Usual applies, lemme know who you want.))
[Human] With Layla
7th-Dec-2011 11:42 pm - As we dream by the fire;
[Namine is sitting alone in front of a fireplace in a seemingly deserted corner of the library, in hopes she won't disturb anyone as she hums "Winter Wonderland" softly. A small smile remains on her lips as she thinks about the last time she sat here likes this. Three years... a lot can, and has, happened in those three years- a lot of pain, smiles, and a lot of tears- of both kinds. Today, she finds herself wondering about the next three to come, what they will bring, and what she will take from them. She knows what her future is supposed to turn out like in seven years, but what about the space in between? The future is a finicky thing.]

[if you are male, you just might be getting targeted by this angry Daddy]
This is anger, Fist Meet Wall, Choke a bitch
2nd-Dec-2011 01:08 am(no subject)
[although Master Eraqus spent the day introducing his two new apprentices to the idea that darkness is bad and must be destroyed at all costs, one of these apprentices - this little girl - lies in complete darkness, and she is unafraid. she knows that her new friend Terra is somewhere in this darkness with her, and although she only recently met him, she feels safe, knowing he's there with her. that's why, despite Master Eraqus giving each of his pupils their own room, Aqua is now lying in Terra's bed.]

Terra? Do you think...maybe when we're older...we can defeat the darkness together?

[there comes a sleepy little 'mhm' from the darkness, and Aqua knows Terra probably doesn't even know what she's saying anymore, so she becomes quiet, and within ten minutes, sleep takes her too. sleep takes her much further away than to dreamland, however, for she's alone, fast asleep outside in the snow of the Dressing Room by morning. covered in goosebumps and shivering in her sleep, it'd probably be in her best interests to waken before the cold can have any lasting damage on her.]
004★ ɪ ᴄᴀɴᴛ ʀᴇsᴛ ɪ ᴄᴀɴᴛ ғɪɢʜᴛ
1st-Dec-2011 03:08 pm - So I herd u liek Rikus
[Hello DR, you've probably noticed the sudden flash of light on the bridge leading from the suburban area to Radiant Garden. You might have even noticed the Riku that's suddenly appeared following the flash, lying facedown on the ground. He stays there for a few seconds, then slowly pushes himself into his hands and knees. The ground's a lot colder than he thought it was, and the air on the parts of his face not covered by his hair or blindfold is colder as well. The World That Never Was wasn't this cold a few minutes ago.]

What's going on...?

[More importantly, he can't sense Sora, Kairi, or anyone he was just with.

(ooc: New Riku, some info in profile and journal, taken from just after DiZ/Ansem's machine explodes in his canon.)]
1st-Dec-2011 12:09 am(no subject)
[ It's December, Dressing Room! You know what that means. Break out the eggnog, the candy canes, the Christmas cookie cutters, find yourself a nice tree, and let the spirit of the holidays take you over. Just be careful - treats and festivities are the Dressing Room's favorite ways to play, and older residents have grown familiar with December's tricks.

Angelique has gotten her hands on a certain Fairy Godmother's wand, and she's using it to thread intricate details into the mistletoe displays cropping up across the worlds. Over half of every doorframe, archway, and gateway has the enchanted plant hanging above it. It's become a tradition of the DR by now. ]

{ ooc; You know the drill. Magic mistletoe keeps characters trapped until they kiss, whether this be a peck on the cheek or otherwise. Happy December! }
this will do
26th-Nov-2011 08:46 pm(no subject)
[dated to Sunday morning! because most of this stuff wouldn't be happening at night. it's an overcast morning, and chilly enough that there could be snow if those clouds get any heavier!

Kai is heading home with a small bag, having gone out to grab a few things quickly. the bag contains a few things from what looks like a hair salon.

Another Kai is seated in the park, looking a bit underdressed considering the temperature. he doesn't seem very bothered by the cold (living at the bottom of an ocean means having to deal with it, after all), and is currently enjoying a variety of candies that are likely to make him end up sick, more from the rate at which he is consuming them than for their contents.

Nami is having a bit of difficulty pushing a fair-sized "portable" generator down the street. he's heading for his naga friend's den, wanting to give him something to power the electric heaters he's going to be bringing by as well at a slightly later date. he's already brought no doubt dozens of blankets by now.

Riku is stringing tinsel garlands around the old paopu tree near the beach. it's already had some lights strung around it, all the way up to the leaves. how he managed to get it up so neatly is a mystery however.

Sora has just entered the library, a bag slung over her shoulder. she seems set for a day indoors, just reading!

Red has found his way to an outdoor ice rink that he's never noticed before. there are cubbies full of skates of every size near it, and he's given into a sudden, overwhelming urge to try skating.

he's not doing very well.]
Little grin.
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